Lifeguards That Save At Raging Waves

Lifeguards are the one resource you expect at a water park.  However, Raging Waves has more than I ever anticipated.  Even at the crowded public pool which can be jam packed you might only have a handful. At Raging Waves about every 10 feet of water means another lifeguard.  #ExperienceSummer with thrills that come with […]

Raging Waves Go For Gold

As you may know we are brand ambassadors for the largest water park in Illinois. Raging Waves located in Yorkville, south of Chicago, is a refreshing sprawl. This summer they have a new slide which is all the rage.  You may join in the quest to reach gold this summer.   The Wonambi may be […]

Raging Waves During Rainy Days

This is just the beginning. No I mean it. We will be going back to Raging Waves at some point during this summer. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Some a tad surprised when I thanked them, but I chalk that up to eager kids and adults who are keen to go down the […]