Sharing Values with Scott, Art and a Movie

Everyone has toilet paper rolls.  Did you know if you save them that you can make something gorgeous?  Something like this?  It takes me a bit longer to save them as I use Scott Bath Tissues because they have 1,000 sheets per roll.  With just glue dots hot glue gun (let’s face it glue dots […]

Starbucks Mocha Coffee: A Chocolate Waterfall

This week was American Chocolate Week.  One of those events that sneaks up on you.  Or at least it snuck up on us.  Fortunately, we found a good way to celebrate with Starbucks Ground Mocha coffee.  Their new line that utilizes natural flavors. We were encouraged to try this new flavor after testing it a […]

Kettle Chips and Basketball

Who doesn’t enjoy a good meal with a good game?  I know our family does.  So, why not use a few bags of Kettle Chips as an excuse to get cooking.  Nothing too fancy because we can’t spend all our time in the kitchen and miss the basketball tournament!  There’s only a limited amount of […]

Life of Pi Oscar Party with Bigelow Tea-tinis!

Alison:  So, the Oscars are a great excuse to throw a party.  Some glamour and glitz always pairs well with some good food and drinks. Susie:  You speak the truth!  Any excuse to get together is a good one and why not celebrate some good movies like the Life of Pi. Alison:  Luckily, I had […]

Chicken Alfredo Flatbread #CookClassico

In my opinion the best part of the Big Game parties is the food.  This year we needed something healthy, lets face it there is always a healthy option for everything, but yet extremely tasty.  We decided on a chicken Alfredo flatbread.  The last couple of times we’ve been out for drinks with the aunt, […]