Sunset Food’s Lucky 7’s Giveaway

As if there weren’t already many great reasons to shop at Sunset Foods, now you can win prizes!  For their 77th anniversary they are starting their Lucky 7’s Giveaway.  Splendid shoppers can win $100 gift cards starting February 19th!   Their giveaway will last until March 28 with the chance to win big with over $20,000 […]

The Perfect Porterhouse: Portion Your Love

Let’s be honest, for Valentine’s Day the important part is spending time with your loved ones.  So, even though you may want to cook a fabulous meal rather than going out to eat you want it to be spectacular and impressive yet fairly simple.  With this goal in mind, we decided upon a porterhouse steak […]

Roasted Quinoa Stuffed Pork Loin

Being that winter has finally arrived in the Chicago area, I’ve been wanting to do a roast to get more in the holiday mood.  Specifically a rolled and stuffed pork loin filled with yummy things like quinoa, mushrooms and healthy greens roasted with some parsnips, potatoes and carrots.  A dish like this always means winter […]

Citrus Shrimp Fettuccine with Egg Sauce

There is one place we can always go when we want something good for dinner.  While we didn’t pick up the What’s for Dinner? which included Rosemary Salmon and Butternut Squash Risotto, something we’ll keep in mind, we did find all the ingredients for our own recipe.  We fall into the same habits as I […]

Salted Apple Sliver Cake

Around the holidays, we tend to go big.  Usually this  means a lot of work for the payoff of great flavors.  Yet, this time around we wanted to keep it a little simpler.  Certainly there are a few components to this dish, but altogether it is a cake with fruit filling and frosting.  Not too […]

Sunset Foods: A Love Letter

Dear Sunset Foods, We were most pleased when we were introduced to your store.  There is a multitude of variety and at the highest quality.   Where else can you get fish that is caught on the same day?  You can even tell us when that fish was caught and by whom! Your excellence is […]