Church Street Brewing Co. Scottish Ale Beer Bread

This beer bread post is way overdue.  All I can say is being sick does not mesh well with being productive. Here is another tantalizing beer bread recipe featuring Church Street Brewing Co.’s Scottish Ale.  The Scottish Ale is a caramel and malty beer.  We both loved this one and thought it would make an […]

Church Street Brewery Co. Brimstone IPA Bread

Are you ready for our second beer bread recipe?  We used Church Street’s Brimstone IPA to make a fantastic sandwich bread.  This beer has a definite spicy note to it.  It definitely comes through in the finished baked bread.  The bitterness in the beer also lends a sourdough like quality to the bread.  This recipe […]

Chicago Breweries: Church Street Brewing Co.

Church Street Brewing Co., a new local brewery and our first visit!  Just our luck too, because Joe knows beer with a background in chemical engineering.  He can brew with precision.  They started in September.  They have a thirty barrel system and they are a brewery to watch.  You may only be able to stop […]