Experience Summer Tips

Summer is on all of our minds. How can we squeeze in some more hours of relaxation before we all have to begin picking out sweaters? School starts soon and the end of the warmth is near. Especially in Chicagoland, you never can predict when the cold will start.  Luckily, I’ve got tickets to one […]

Lifeguards That Save At Raging Waves

Lifeguards are the one resource you expect at a water park.  However, Raging Waves has more than I ever anticipated.  Even at the crowded public pool which can be jam packed you might only have a handful. At Raging Waves about every 10 feet of water means another lifeguard.  #ExperienceSummer with thrills that come with […]

Raging Waves Go For Gold

As you may know we are brand ambassadors for the largest water park in Illinois. Raging Waves located in Yorkville, south of Chicago, is a refreshing sprawl. This summer they have a new slide which is all the rage.  You may join in the quest to reach gold this summer.   The Wonambi may be […]

Save At Raging Waves

As you may have noticed we are in the midst of hot days. Days filled with bright sunshine and humidity that we all wish would just go away. I’m here to help you treat yourself with this special discount code: ROSIE16   I hope you will save $5 off general admission to Raging Waves in Yorkville. […]

Raging Waves During Rainy Days

This is just the beginning. No I mean it. We will be going back to Raging Waves at some point during this summer. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Some a tad surprised when I thanked them, but I chalk that up to eager kids and adults who are keen to go down the […]