The Gift You Give Yourself: Mayana Chocolate

Mayana Chocolate.  If you haven’t heard of this yet, then you are welcome for this gift.  Your world is about to change in a way that you never could have imagined.  This chocolate is our favorite.  Hard to believe, but Alison isn’t exactly a chocolate lover.  Yet, she wants Mayana Chocolate.  Not everything because she […]

Got Plans this Weekend? Check out the Chicago Fine Chocolate Show at Navy Pier!

Psst….yeah, you over there.  Got plans this weekend?  No?  Love Chocolate?  Then you’ll have to join us at the Chicago Fine Chocolate and Dessert Show this weekend October 18-20th at Navy Pier.  This is the second year and from what I’m reading its going to be even bigger and better than last year! Last year […]

Mayana Chocolate – Chicago Chocolate Show Preview

Alison: Here at Rosie Discovers we’re all about going the extra mile for our readers. Susie: In this case it means a little bit of driving. Alison: Right.  Not only are we going to attend and review the Chicago Chocolate show, we’re also going to bring you previews of what you’ll find at the show.  Some of the […]