Keto Avocado Lime Chocolate Torte: Steviva KetoseSweet+

This recipe has been submitted for the Steviva Blogger Recipe Challenge. Product samples received in exchange for posting this recipe as part of the recipe challenge. Find more recipes by following #steviva #sweetandeasy If you are unfamiliar with keto, then the quick explanation is a low carb, low sugar and high fat diet.  There are a […]

Raspberry Lime Sweet Rolls

Raspberry season has not quite come to an end.  Until the first frost you can still pick at farms like Heider’s Berry Farm in Woodstock. A place where raspberries taste so good you would swear off candy.  We ended up picking there a few times this summer.  So of course there was an abundance of […]

Atlas Brewing Co. Bentley’s Bitter Lime Beer Bread

About a month ago, we had the opportunity to go down to Atlas Brewing Co. in Chicago.  Atlas is our second brewery and it was incredibly different from being at Church Street.  Atlas is actually a brew pub.  This means they brew the beer and sell it in the bar on site.  The bar itself […]