Church Street Brewing Co. Lemon Continental Lager Beer Bread

Church Street’s Continental Lager is strong on citrus, particularly lemon, and hops.  Hoppy beers aren’t high on our list of faves.  Maybe because we’re new to the beer scene we don’t appreciate bitterness as much as other beer connoisseurs would.  That’s the only reason for this being our last beer bread recipe from Church Street.  I wasn’t […]

Church Street Brewery Co. Red Rye Lager Bread

We’re starting our beer bread journey with Church Street’s Red Rye Lager.  When we tasted this, it just screamed rye bread.  No, seriously it did.    It just has that rye taste to it.  Rye is one of my favorite types of bread, but even those that don’t enjoyed this loaf.  It’s a light rye, […]