How Will You Boo?

While there are many places in the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs where you can celebrate Halloween, none are as spectacular as the Brookfield Zoo. Boo! At The Zoo happens in October during the last three weekends of the month where the zoo transforms into one of the best places to trick-or-treat thanks to the […]

Boo At The Zoo: Brookfield Zoo Trick Or Treat

So, Halloween is coming.  Fall is finally here.  Those perfectly crisp days are great, but it is even better to spend them outside wandering around.  The perfect matchup is of course Brookfield Zoo’s fabulous animal habitats alongside Ferrara Candy Company stations.  Every Saturday and Sunday from October 13th to October 28th is full of fall […]

First World Problems

I have awesome news to share!  My dad bought us our first DSLR camera.  Up to now all of our photos have been shot with a digital point and shoot Sony cybershot.  The Sony is a great camera, but I’m super excited to be upgrading to the Nikon D7100.  I’ve been researching cameras and lenses […]

LED Light Giveaway

I recently got asked if I’d like to giveaway some gorgeous purple LED Christmas Lights.  Of course I said yes.  I love decorating for holidays.  And while purple isn’t a traditional choice, they are just perfect for my absolute favorite holiday which is Halloween.  LED lights are fantastic.  They are much brighter than regular lights, […]