First World Problems: Help the Oven Is OVERFLOWING

It’s true that our job as food bloggers means quite a lot of time spent in our kitchen.  We are cooking and then baking and mixing.  All for the sake of those few perfect shots and of course the excellent taste. As such we have found ourselves on a winding path of food.  We recently […]

First World Problems: City Driving

I suppose you may think I always complain about driving. While this is true, most cases are not nearly as bad as our drive into the city. It seemed a good idea to avoid the highway and rush hour traffic.  This is possibly the first mistake.  Mind you we still left nearly ninety minutes early. […]

First World Problems

I have awesome news to share!  My dad bought us our first DSLR camera.  Up to now all of our photos have been shot with a digital point and shoot Sony cybershot.  The Sony is a great camera, but I’m super excited to be upgrading to the Nikon D7100.  I’ve been researching cameras and lenses […]

First World Problems: Too Much Love?

There is one thing to be said about driving in the suburbs.  There is a lot of space.  So much so that you are almost never in close contact with other cars. This notion that my lane is my own space was obviously not true in the big city.  As a Chicago cab driver showed […]

First World Problems

Where to start this week?  Lets start with last Sunday.  We headed to the monthly model train show in Wheaton to check it out.  My dad has started giving us some of his trains to sell and besides eBay as a resource I don’t know much about them.  Let me just say this train show […]

First World Problems

Starting this week, we’re going to give you a behind the scenes update at Rosie Discovers. This week, I forgot the power was going to be out on Tuesday due to a neighbors tree collapsing a few weeks ago.  The power company called last week to let us know, but I got the days mixed […]