Kids LiveWell and Celebrity Chef Marc Murphy

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the National Restaurant Association. I attended a live event and received a gift bag and promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. Today I have something special to share with you!  A couple of weeks ago […]

Sharing Values with Scott, Art and a Movie

Everyone has toilet paper rolls.  Did you know if you save them that you can make something gorgeous?  Something like this?  It takes me a bit longer to save them as I use Scott Bath Tissues because they have 1,000 sheets per roll.  With just glue dots hot glue gun (let’s face it glue dots […]

Boulevard Brewing Company Nutcracker Ale Bread

By now y’all know that we’re kinda digging this whole beer bread thing we’ve got going on at Rosie Discovers.  So far we’ve enjoyed hitting up breweries in the Chicago area, even if we started out knowing next to nothing about beer.    This next recipe isn’t from a Chicago brewery beer, but a single […]

Bestest Cheese Ball Ever!

OMG!  This is the very best cheese ball I’ve ever had.  I was looking for something tropical for my Bigelow Tea Life of Pi Oscars Party and this recipe from Just a Pinch fit the bill.   The mixture of cheese, pineapple, apricots and candied ginger were absolutely perfect on crackers.  The next morning it […]

Purple Yam Swiss Roll Cake

Shh….I have a secret….there are people in my family who don’t eat chocolate at all!  Total shocker!  I seriously thought everyone liked chocolate.  I mean I’d rather have caramel over chocolate, but I still like it.  But to not eat it at all?!?!  That’s just unheard of. Let me tell you its hard to find […]

Kettle Chips and Basketball

Who doesn’t enjoy a good meal with a good game?  I know our family does.  So, why not use a few bags of Kettle Chips as an excuse to get cooking.  Nothing too fancy because we can’t spend all our time in the kitchen and miss the basketball tournament!  There’s only a limited amount of […]

Kriser’s at Kildeer Grand Opening

Today we went to Kriser’s.  An all natural pet food store.  Their new location is in Kildeer at the Kildeer Marketplace.  Lucky for us, it’s close by so we have a new place to pick up our pet supplies.  This weekend is their Grand Opening.  March 9th-10th and you can find deals such as free […]

Life of Pi Oscar Party with Bigelow Tea-tinis!

Alison:  So, the Oscars are a great excuse to throw a party.  Some glamour and glitz always pairs well with some good food and drinks. Susie:  You speak the truth!  Any excuse to get together is a good one and why not celebrate some good movies like the Life of Pi. Alison:  Luckily, I had […]

Glee Gum Make Your Own Chocolate Kit Review + Giveaway!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Glee Gum sent me this nifty Make Your Own Chocolate kit to celebrate the holiday!  They also included some gum and another kit to give away to my awesome readers!  What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to give away chocolate? Chocolate is more Susie’s thing […]

Chicago Breweries: Church Street Brewing Co.

Church Street Brewing Co., a new local brewery and our first visit!  Just our luck too, because Joe knows beer with a background in chemical engineering.  He can brew with precision.  They started in September.  They have a thirty barrel system and they are a brewery to watch.  You may only be able to stop […]

Got Stubborn Stains? All you need is Borax!

If you’ve been reading for a while now, you’ve probably seen this gorgeous photo of Mr. Seven.  Seven is a pretty large orange tabby cat.  Don’t let the leaf pile fool you!  He typically weighs in at around 25 pounds.  Think Garfield without the lasagna fetish when you think of Seven. Seven is actually twelve […]

Crate and Barrel Sushi Mat

If you saw yesterday’s post about making your own kimbap, you probably saw our sushi rolling mat.  It actually came from Crate and Barrel.  Today, January 21st, its on sale for $2.95 with free shipping!  Talk about a steal! Now you have no excuse not to try kimbap at home.