Sad Day today

So today was kind of a sad day…. Took Miss Rosie Dickens to the vet because she needed some shots and a pedicure.  Found out that she has cataracts in both eyes.  The vet said that when its light out, seeing anything would look like you were trying to look at things underwater.  You see […]

Busy all day with snow and jewelry

So I was busy all day with shoveling snow, which took little more than an hour to clear the driveway and working on some jewelry.  I can get quite distracted by the jewelry making.  At the moment I’m making these minuscule little squares out of beads that I’m going to do something with.  I’ve yet […]

Lots of Wind

So today brought a ton of wind to the Chicago area.  Even the car rocked when I was out earlier.  The power went out at the Rolling Meadows Meijer while I was there.  I was there to see if they had anymore of that free Pompeian olive oil.  It was a fantastic deal with the […]

Meet Rosie

This is Miss Rosie Dickens.  She’s originally from Seattle.  It’s a little hard for her to live here in Arlington Heights because she’s a little over-protective.  She’s more a watch dog than a happy go lucky regular Labrador retriever.  She also has a large orange tabby cat named Seven.  Who she worries will eventually catch […]