Foolish Fevers Need Bullion

When You Have The Flu The flu is the horror that everyone is trying to avoid.  Even though Alison and I already caught a bout of this flu, we hadn’t expected to be sick again so soon.  Scrubbing our hands every time we walk through the front door, we try not to touch our faces.  […]

Counting The Last Year

We have enjoyed our holiday break.  We hope that your holidays were all that you wanted.  The new year is off to a start and we’ve got lots to do even this weekend.  You might catch us at a Chicago Wolves game or even at the Travel & Adventure show in Rosemont.   However, mostly […]

Culinary Fight Club During Baking Week

As you may have guessed, we’ve been busy.  This time it’s not all work.  However, baking week is upon us.  Yesterday was our first full day of baking in preparations for the holidays!  Before I forget I wanted to tell you that Culinary Fight Club is tomorrow night!  My job still requires that I share […]

Cooking Pantry Vs. Food Pantry

Yes, food bloggers have cooking pantries and food pantries. But let’s be honest, I’ve had a cooking pantry most of my life. You see, growing up there was always a huge kitchen. Add in that my dad’s side of the family makes industrial kitchen equipment = fully stocked kitchen. Even if my mom isn’t exactly the […]

Winter Is Coming

You are aware that winter is coming.  I’m certain I am not alone in flinching at the prediction of snow.  This week we are potentially seeing our first snow in Chicagoland.  Something that honestly isn’t the worst considering some years we have snow in October.   So, today we did what we had to.  Raked […]

We Can Fix That

This is something that has been driving our friends to the point of hysterics recently.  The “yes, we can” mentality in which we approach everything in our lives.  We don’t just do food but basically anything else that we can.  From DIY to gardening to fixing broken game consoles.  We’re doing it all and let […]

What We’re Streaming

Time to get to the important stuff. What we are really streaming on our television. We don’t have cable because living with a former librarian we are used to borrowing what we want. Although, the easier way of course is to stream. Our platform of choice is Netflix. Not a sponsor, we’re just addicts.  So, […]

Cooking Is Not Scary

There is something I want to address.  While we are food bloggers, there is one thing we do that scares people.  That of course is cooking.  I am not suggesting people are literally afraid to turn on the stove or an oven, yet when it comes to making something from scratch a lot of people […]

National Blog Post Month

The truth is that a challenge like this is great for your work ethic.  There is a different level of enthusiasm when you are tasked with the same goal every single day.  You feel renewed accomplishment when you finish.  There is a relaxation of your self-criticism.  You are your worst critic.  This is something you […]

Life Without Rosie Dickens

Things haven’t been the same around here the past 2 months. If you follow us on social media you already know why. I’m actually crying as I write this….and I’m not ready to even write the whole story. Just this little note. The past 3 weeks tomorrow…every little thing makes me cry. I never know […]

First World Problems: Sleep Deprived

There has not been much content posted lately.  We’ve been managing the care of our spry dog.  Her cancer is obvious to anyone that gets a clear look at her, but she insists that nothing is wrong with her.  Trying to convince her to take more naps is a never ending battle.  She wants to […]

The Reason I’m Going to BlogHer Food is YOU!

Today I find myself (finally) on a flight to Florida because on May 16th and 17th I’ll be attending one of the largest food blogging conferences in the country. BlogHer Food will be a new experience for me because not only is it in a new to me city (Miami) but I’ve actually never attended […]