2019 Ford Titanium Edge: Drive Your Dream SUV

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2019 Ford Titanium Edge By the Beach There is one thing I can say about the 2019 Ford Titanium Edge.  It is bigger on the inside.  Honestly, I feel like it is like a Tardis. Generally, I feel like when we drive in a convertible a similar principle applies. You are lower to the ground and feel you are going faster.  However, with the 2019 Ford Titanium Edge I feel like you don’t lose out on any space.  Plus you feel like you are taller than everyone else!

Not just that the curve of the windshield feels bigger.  The backseat is spacious too.  Plus all of that cargo room.  We already demonstrated just how much you can pack in the trunk during our feed! 

As for the driving, well it is smooth yet fast for an SUV. At first the dial shift confused me after all it is new.  However, at the end of a week, I was loving just a slight twist to change gears.  The sport mode is a button in the middle of the dial.  Honestly, you can play out some car fantasies by just pressing that one button.  Everything feels smoother with a higher ride height than most other vehicles. Although, you do not need to climb up into the Edge.  The height is just right.   Ford 2019 Titanium Edge Front

The safety features are equally amazing. The size may be bigger than my everyday car, but that doesn’t matter with a smart SUV like the Titanium Edge.  From blind spot warnings to park assist, there is a lot less hassle.  No more fretting over parking in a tight parallel spot.  Something that would terrify me in such a large SUV, but thankfully the Titanium package has the optional Park Assist. So parking in a crowded area is easy.  

One of our favorite features is the wireless charging pad.  Placed conveniently in the center under the display and controls, this is the perfect spot to store your phone.  I wanted to call eternal dibs, as it is beyond useful to keep your phone charging while driving around.  It even charged through my case without needing any adjustments to my phone! That doesn’t always happen with contact chargers.  To be honest with this option alone, I find the Titanium package to be fully worth it! This is a game changer with no fuss over charging your phone especially when you will probably be connected while you drive! 

Ford 2019 Titanium Edge Into the woods

The Titanium package certainly highlights why specific features make your dream car. There is a big improvement with the Ford Co-Pilot 360 Assist +, Park Assist, panoramic roof (which we never closed even in the rain at night). Heated seats for the front and back can make everyone comfortable.  I cannot leave out the SYNC 3 and B&O sound system. A huge improvement to how you interact with your Ford Edge with improved voice recognition and killer sound. Yes, I did annoy everyone with my constant need to have music playing.  The sound is so good, there is no reason to ever turn it off! 

Overall, I have to say this is definitely more space than we need but I think it is perfect for someone with constant cargo.  I have never felt such a smooth ride in downtown Chicago streets. Find out even more about the 2019 Ford Titanium Edge here! Better yet test drive it for yourself!

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