The 2020 Ford Police Interceptor: Protecting Our Police

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Ford Police Interceptor 2020 test track When I think of police vehicles, I usually picture a sort of beat up sedan.  Something that looks well traveled and deceptively fast.  I always thought, that police had protection built standard into their vehicles.  I have learned that improvements continue to be made.  Ford does it differently by outfitting the 2020 Police Interceptor for officers.  Not too dissimilar Ford’s use of the empathy belly, but this time with survival even through chaos. 

After learning exactly how the safety features work, I can honestly say we all wish we could drive the 2020 Police Interceptor. We walked in not quite sure what to expect of the Police Interceptor and left knowing if the apocalypse begins to get our hands on one! Anti-stab plates, maximum cargo space, hybrid battery, and bullet proof panels are just the obvious features.  

When you dig deeper, you will find the BLIS system.  A system that detects motion around the SUV.  Not only does it show you, but it also classifies this motion as safe or a threat.  Based on speed and direction surrounding of the objects around you, so someone passing by is safe.  While the dangerous person running towards you is red and triggers the Interceptor to lock doors and roll up windows automatically.  Perfect for deflecting surprise attacks when your guard is down.   Ford Police Interceptor 2020 driver side

From extensive testing with actual officers from Michigan State Police and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, there are less obvious additions. An updated rear end that is crash safe at 75 mph impacts! The Federal safety standard is 50 mph rear impact.  Seats that are made to prevent catching on clothes and duty belts.  The overhead rear lift gate release is on a safety timer. After pressing it, there are 45 seconds to open or the door will lock. 

All of this comes in a hybrid package! There are non-hybrid models.  However, even with the hybrid you do not lose out on speed and performance.  Overall the new 2020 Police Interceptors are faster in 0-60 and 0-100 speed tests.  Even with an extra 400 pounds of cargo, the speed tests still out perform the previous models.   Ford Interceptor Hybrid 2020

Last but not least, the Chicago plant is responsible for making the brand new Police Interceptors. Including the modifiers, they are not after market parts. Ford makes all of the accessories including light bars, sirens, and trunk circulation fans.  The latter of course is ideal for K-9 units. The Police Interceptor is easily converted for canine officers to ride in comfort. So getting to test drive these is amazing.  Of course, we are nowhere near as tough and aggressive as the seasoned officers.  My track runs were cautious and tame compared to the officers.  I still say you wish you could have one for yourself but there are many accessories that are police only. You can check out more of the specs here!

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