Brick Safari All Summer At Brookfield Zoo

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brick safari cobra A safari usually takes months to plan in advance! Lucky for you, your entire family can enjoy the Brick Safari at Brookfield Zoo! Find all of your favorite animals through a special safari path.  All summer long you can view your favorite zoo animals on a different level.   brick safari giraffe

Brick Safari are all to scale.  From the smallest of creatures to the largest of them all! Can you take a full giraffe selfie? We tried but we didn’t get quite the whole giraffe! They are so tall! We had a lot of fun trying to take selfies with all of our favorite animals!

With over 40 animals to see on your Brick Safari, you can experience animals in a new way.  These brick sculptures are actual animal sizes.  Brookfield Zoo is the first stop for this traveling exhibit. It’s hard to really understand how big a dolphin is when they’re always in the water.  Now you can see just how big they are compared to you!  brick safari lion roar

There are quests as well to do during your Brick Safari.  Plus a safari jeep and a lion out in the open for great photos!  Not to mention you can see some animals that you can’t find at Brookfield Zoo.  There are pandas and an elephant in the Brick Safari.  That elephant took 1600 hours to build using nearly 300,000 bricks.  Each animal has some fun facts and the amount of bricks and time it took to build each one! brick safari elephant

At the end of your brick safari you can build your own animals.  Don’t just look at them, but enjoy building with the bricks! Part of the appeal is knowing that you can build anything you can imagine.  This exhibit will hopefully inspire more people to try creating what they can imagine!  We had fun building a penguin with bricks.  Not to scale but it is still cool to see them come to life! There are a large variety bricks to be found at the end.  You can buy a variety of kits from miniature animals to larger scale builds.  Plan your trip for a Brick Safari until September 29th!

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