Baking With Gold: Michael Kors Wear OS

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MK Gold I received this product as compensation for my review. 

Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch

So, you know that I bake.  Around Christmas the baking stretches to a full week.  This year I started early prep by mixing batches of slice and bake cookies.  Living with a smartphone, the one thing it is not entirely helpful with is my baking.  I want something that won’t get messy or in the way.  The Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch is my baking hero.  

With this beautiful gold smartwatch, I can control my baking environment.  I can set reminders and edit my shopping list if I run out of butter.  That’s right, I have just stocked up with 50 pounds of flour thanks to my smart shopping list.  I know I’ll need more butter to go with the flour.  

Then, there is music.  I need music in my kitchen.  Music is always about singing along and sharing the atmosphere.  From my watch, I can control what is playing and easily control replaying my favorite songs.  The smartwatch is amazing with speech to text.  So nothing is garbled. I directly say what I want with no mistakes.  I don’t need to go back and edit anything.  The voice recognition is phenomenal. This is a dream when replying to notifications on my watch.   michael kors google assistant

Any notifications I get on my phone, I can see while I’m mixing dough.  I can see all my work emails and reply to anything.  Essentially I have another Google Assistant I wear on my wrist.  Anything my Google Assistant can do my watch can do to make my holiday prep go smoother.  No more forgetting anything or losing track of time.  All while keeping on top of my social media from my wrist. 

Wearable Fitness Tracker michael kors heart beat

As a bonus, there are apps to help me focus on my health.  The Michael Kors Smartwatch keeps track of my heart rate.  I can track my fitness.  When I am stressed, I use the new Breathe a 2 minute guided breathing exercise.  At the end I see my results, my heart rate started at 95 and dropped to 61.  A reminder to breathe is something most of us could use during the holiday stress.  Definitely a calming feature that I will continue to use along with Heart Points and Move Minutes.  Both designed by the American Heart Association and World Health Organization to help track my fitness.  It’s easy to track my fitness with a record of my steps and heart rate throughout the day.   michael kors smartwatch

So, I am happy to say this holiday season I am less stressed.  I have access to the world’s best virtual assistant on my wrist.  I can manage my day and my health.  Life is easier and Christmas baking week is going to be the smoothest one yet.  If you want to smooth out your holiday or someone else’s, then you can find the same Michael Kors Smartwatch at Best Buy in gold or rose gold.  

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