Enjoy Your Fall Face: The Makeup Show

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Our Fall Favorites From The Makeup Show

So, the Makeup Show came to town a few weeks ago.  One part of living in Chicago is enjoying the access to good products and services. In Arlington Heights alone, there are over 20 spas catering to personal care.  When you have so many choices it is hard to pick and choose what is best for you.  To make it a little easier, I am going to share some of the fall trends that you can wear into winter.  Even during a fickle Chicago winter, you can rock some of these looks. 

Trends in makeup change all the time with social media.  Don’t panic.  You do not have to keep up with them all.  However, there are some overall themes that you will see gracing runways that you can work into your own fall look this season.   cozzette lip synergy nude

Since we live in a harsh winter climate, you will be thrilled to know natural is back.  The past few weeks have been insane weather wise.  Going from tropical rainforest to arctic tundra in a matter of days, your face needs a break.  Good news is that this is easy to create with a soft matte.  Enjoy your skin by going sheer coverage this season.  Look for a longwear or waterproof from Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Foundation or MAKE UP FOR EVER Waterblend.  Paired with primers from Alcone or Mehron you can combat anti shine and sweat. Following this trend we love the Cozzette Lip Synergy which is a perfect nude for everyone. danessa lime alcone perfect blush

Add a pop of color to your natural face.  Go for bright eyes by using bold eyeliner, eye shadow or colored mascara.  Danessa Myricks ColorFix really is our favorite option. Also check out her collaboration with Alcone to make LimeLife Perfect Palettes.  We agree with James Vincent that it looks so good you want to lick it.  The colors are gorgeous and it works as cream shadow, liner, mascara or lip.  We also love the bold Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Bang for a lip.  urban decay

Neo Graphic Liner is easy to achieve.  It sounds super hard to achieve, but you are going for bold lines such as a cat eye.  Alternatively you can go for the updated smoky eye adding in a texture element. For both of these looks, you can use the Stillazzi Borderline Intense Gel Eyeliner.  Or Stila Microtip Stay All Day Eyeliner allows you finesse with the ultra fine tip. The tip is so fine that I didn’t even attempt to take a photo.   smashbox glitter

Also you know glitter never goes away.  Well it is still around for the fall season.  Glitter is still a great way to add some impact to your look.  Whether you are going small by highlighting the inner corner of your eyes or full on glitter eyeshadow, you can look to Mehron or our personal favorite Smashbox.  They have glitter palettes that will leave you wanting to try out glitter in your everyday look.    
liquid luck

Last but not least is refocusing.  Pamper yourself by adding in a scent and intention. Go that extra step to focus on yourself or a client.  Our favorite has to be Rebels & Outlaw which is co-founded by James Vincent and Jeremy Meek.  This is something that once we experienced we knew that this was what we needed.  Preparing your space be it to pamper yourself or to work or to accomplish a task, can help you retain that focus.  Energize yourself with one of their scents or candles.  Our personal favorite is Liquid Luck.  I promise you that bottle comes more full than in the picture.  Honestly, it is by far the thing we use almost daily.  I even sprayed some while typing this post.  

Those are just some ideas for you to play with going into fall and winter.  To follow is a post of our ultimate favorite and new HG product we fell in love with at The Makeup Show

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