Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours!

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Best Buy Camera Workshop You are in luck.  Best Buy is starting photography tours in a few cities including Minneapolis, Seattle, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa and New York City this weekend (July 28, 2018).  You can sign up for their intermediate course and learn from professional photographers.  With 4 individual photo shoots during the excursion including using a variety of lenses and accessories for your camera.  Learn to think like a pro photographer and get great photos all in a half day excursion!  The intermediate tour costs $50 but this includes transportation, lunch and giveaways plus the one on one with pro photographers including experts from the Camera Experience Shop.  You can sign up for the intermediate tour here!


If you are still a beginner, then you can sign up for a hands on workshop.  Geared toward people who are still learning to use their camera.  You will get 2 hours of in-store training.  One on one learning with an expert who will go through your camera settings with you.  Become more comfortable with photography.  Based on what we have learned while shopping for a camera, I can guarantee that you will learn something new and useful.  They really know how to help you gear up for the type of photos you want to shoot. After you are comfortable you can sign up to be notified when upcoming intermediate workshop tours (October 20th, 2018 or January 19th, 2019) registration goes live.

Best Buy Camera Workshop Food

At Best Buy the Camera Experience Shop is filled with experts that are trained themselves while loving photography.  They are essentially a specialty camera store in the middle of your Best Buy.  They have hands on experience with loads of lenses and gadgets.  Everything you are considering for your photography you can test out in store.  Years ago when we first got our camera, we got the best tip to use a wi-fi box.  They were new at the time, but that wi-fi box helped us level up our photography so much faster.  They not only recommended accessories but answered endless questions on lenses and food photography.  Without their help we would probably have some sad food photos where you can’t tell if our bread is soft.   

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