Burning Magic: A Perfect Ending

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Burning Magic 1

The Final Shadow Magic Novel

Confession time, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the entire trilogy of Shadow Magic.  This is exactly the type of book I searched for when I began devouring chapter books.  The entire series is whimsical and macabre but without being nightmare inducing.  Burning Magic takes our heroine and hero and drops them into the land of fire.  A big change from the dark and chilling Castle Gloom. Joshua Khan proves that leading isn’t so easy.  

After all it was not so long ago that Thorn is deposited into the mysterious and dark, shadowy kingdom of Gehenna.  All of his misconceptions are challenged as he adjusts to this new land.  Thorn is not a noble.  This fact is made quite clear in the previous installments.  However, Lily, ruler of the House Shadow, may have learned to lead her country, but she still has a few lessons to learn. 

Journey To The Sultanate Of Fire

This time we see Lily and Thorn having to navigate an entirely different land with customs that are somewhat familiar.  The Sultanate of Fire is a place that is still steeped in history and tradition.  With the same laws that prevent women from practicing magic.  Lily, of course as the witch queen, has overturned that rule in Gehenna.  Yet, even with her own contradiction of that law, Lily has trouble going against those that still believe women shouldn’t practice magic.  Burning Magic Blog Tour Banner 1

However, Thorn is not willing to overlook injustices.  Even in a new land, he is certain of his convictions.  Thorn is still uneasy to just bow before nobility.  This is probably the main reason he is my favorite character, even as a slave Thorn would not just accept cruelty when he could do something.  He is not going to give in to peer pressure when he has the chance to help others.  

Uncover The Story Of The Six Princes

This time Thorn, Lily and K’leef are surrounded by the traditions and history of the Sultanate of Fire.  We finally learn more about the Six Princes that began the six noble families.  There are some secrets that are hidden, but they may be the solution to everything.  As the trio must deal with the chaos of a coronation gone wrong, they venture into the Shardlands.  A desert that holds more secrets of magic.  

Overall, Burning Magic asks the question of how do we make progress.  Lily, Thorn and K’leef have different views on tradition.  Traditions after all are passed down by the ancestors who have come before us.  They tell their tales so that we may learn from them.  Yet, some tales are tall with twisted truths.  Joshua Khan gives a glimpse of what happens when we accept all traditions.  The ending to this trilogy is satisfying even if it leaves me wanting more.  Perhaps some day we will get more adventures of Lily and Thorn.  Honestly, my only disappointment with this book is that it came to an end.  I certainly hope we get more books from Joshua Khan.  Joshua Khan 1

Burning Magic is for ages 8-12 published by Hyperion.  Disney•Hyperion has books for all age groups.  So if you want a copy or more equally magical like titles, then check out their website! We have 2 more books to share with you in April!

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