Just Dance Live

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jdl j2 How many of you played Ubisoft’s video game Just Dance recently or as a kid? When I was a teen my cousins and I would have competitions on the weekends when we would all get together. All the kids would be upstairs and all the adults were downstairs and once we started to dance it sounded like a herd of animals were upstairs. jdl j3

Which leads me to the awesome Just Dance Live tour by Ubisoft that is touring through Houston and Los Angeles through the end of March. They made a pit stop here in Chicago this past weekend were the characters from the video game came to life on 4 stages in the beautiful Aon Ballroom at Navy Pier. We got to take pictures with each character from the Ring leader, disco ball, fruit, pirates, ghost buster gang, panda and fox to name a few. jdl j1

From the VIP experience before the show to dancing the night away. We had a blast strutting down the red carpet with the panda and the fox and all the other characters and getting transformed in then “Get Ready Zone.”  Once we were all transformed everyone headed to the ballroom to dance the night away. I swear it felt like we were shooting a music video. They had a video camera floating in the air and a camera crew following the dancers from stage to stage.

It was such a fun crowd; there were young kids to grandparents dancing on the dance floor. I  had such a great time my family literally had to drag me off the dance floor because I did not want to stop dancing. I really hope they go on tour again and stop here in Chicago because this was a blast.

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Hi! My name is Josephine, my friends like to call me Jo or Jojo. I was born and raised here in Chicago. I love going on adventures, exploring the world and food around me and most of all introducing people to my Filipino culture and food. You can follow me on Instagram at Flipinchigirl (by the way my Instagram name is not because I'm Filipino, it's because I used to like doing flips when I was a little kid).

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