Gearing Towards Women With #WhatDrivesHerCAS

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2018 Honorees Photo courtesy of Tom Smith

Photo courtesy of Tom Smith

We Love The Chicago Auto Show

We love going to the Chicago Auto Show every year.  We learn about the innovations and new ways the automotive industry creates safer cars.  What you may not notice is that behind the scenes, there are women working to create these changes.  Even though 85% of car purchases are bought or influenced by women, only 26% of automotive jobs are occupied by women.  So, Friday we learned more about why this imbalance happens with #WhatDrivesHerCAS.  There are some great shifts in the automotive industry to accommodate women. 

First, I want to highlight Nissan for boosting confidence in Saudi Arabia.  For decades women did not have the right to drive in Saudi Arabia, but when the law changed to allow them the chance to drive starting June 2018, these ladies were still hesitant to learn.  Nissan created a commercial focusing on their choice to learn to drive and surprised them with special instructors.  Nissan won the 1st place WOMMA 2018 Driving Engagement Award with this commercial.  I have to share it with you because this is real social change and honestly, I have to fight back tears when I watch it.  

Winning Nissan Commercial

Women In Automotive Careers

Secondly, there is big focus on women in automotive careers.  These panelists from major automotive companies know that they are in the minority.  To make up for that they learn to be more direct in pursuing their goals.  They learn to look at the big picture without ignoring female consumers.  There is a place for us in the automotive industry because for too long female consumers were overlooked.  Now, there are female professionals who tailor car buying experiences towards women as well as the Women’s Day at the Chicago Auto Show, February 13th

Finally, there is a way to bridge the gap.  These female industry leaders want to encourage girls to choose STEM careers.  As early as middle school, girls can learn about why being an engineer is a great career path.  There are executives looking to mentor younger women.  There are professionals who are trying to increase female representation in the field before they retire.  A lack of gender diversity and innovation can stagnate the automotive industry because both genders offer a different perspective.  As ladies, we have a different view of what matters in a car.  So, these panels are an important step to continue this innovation.  With the help of the Steel Market Development Institute and A Girl’s Guide To Cars, we learned more about how to continue improving the industry for women and how to create positive social change. 

More About The Chicago Auto Show:

Disclosure: This post is part of a program sponsored by the Chicago Auto Show and the Steel Market Development Institiute. 

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