Our 5 Favorites From The Chicago Auto Show 2018

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chicago auto show mojito jeep

Chicago Auto Show

So, we love cars.  We love trucks.  There are even 3-wheelers to love.  Let’s go through our top picks at this year’s Chicago Auto Show.  There are so many places to stop and stare and a few must rides.  These are our 5 favorites.  If you are looking for recommendations on how to tackle the Chicago Auto Show, then these 5 are a good place to start. Each year there are new releases and these 5 stand out to us the most.  

What We Love This Year

  1. Camp Jeep as always is on the top of our list.  We love the updated Wrangler, you can find the Mojito Wrangler on display to the right of Camp Jeep.  Next to the new Mopar loaded Ram 1500 which impresses with 2 inch lift kit as well as adjustable racks.  Back to the Wrangler, the sway bar disconnects allowing all 4-wheels to always be on the ground so you never lose traction.  This is easily noticeable if you watch the the Compass or Renegade pass by with one wheel up in the air, after a Wrangler which never loses contact with the ground.  Of course the must have feature is that the windshield folds down and out allowing the best off-road experience with one less barrier between you and the wind.

    Nissan Kicks Photo courtesy of Tom Smith

    Photo courtesy of Tom Smith

  2. Nissan Kicks is the newest introduction to the Nissan lineup.  This model is smaller than the Rogue which means this is perfect for Chicago.  The Kicks is a versatile crossover that comes with all the features you want for your perfect driving experience.  The exterior color options offer separate roof colors that create stunning contrasts with the floating roof.  Of course, you can’t miss out on the Nissan winter vehicles inside the snowglobe with actual snow.   chicago auto show ford jim belushi
  3. Ford Transit Connect Passenger caught us by surprise.  Ford did distract us heavily with an appearance by Jim Belushi.  So, we had to go back to give this a once over.  This is the perfect option for a business owner that only wants to drive one vehicle.  You can stow away all of the seats in the back and you can choose how many seats you want. You are no longer limited to a standard cargo vehicle.  Get a plush interior as well as room to operate your business.  chicago auto show slingshot
  4. Slingshot is a 3 wheel open air experience. In most states, you only need a standard driver’s license to operate this 3 wheeler.  Polaris has released the Grand Touring LE which offers a premium interior with slingshade gullwing doors.  All the thrills without losing out on any of the technology you want.  Including backup cameras, bluetooth, and Rockford Fosgate audio. 
    Kia Stinger Photo courtesy of Tom Smith

    Photo courtesy of Tom Smith

  5. Kia Stinger which you can experience through an outdoor test drive.  The Stinger is equipped with a 3.3L Twin-Turbo V6 engine.  The outdoor track features drifting in the Stingers, so if you are looking for a sporty GT sedan, then don’t miss the Stinger.  Kia also has an indoor track with the updated Kia Sportage.  Our favorite feature is the backup camera grid that alerts you to where you are going when you turn the steering wheel. 

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