Beaver’s Coffee And Donuts To Boost Your Morning

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beaver donut coffee stack Doughnuts + Coffee = Music

As you know, we are all about doughnuts and coffee!  So, when they offered to shower our Fight2Feed volunteers with donuts and coffee, we had to share!  If you are a fan of donuts or make your way about the city based on donuts (like we do), then you are a fan of Beaver’s Donuts already. 

We made 200 servings of chicken jambalaya this past Wednesday at 4th Presbyterian Church for Chicago Help Initiative.  Our volunteers tackled a hundred pounds of produce.  All with the surprise of coffee and donuts.  We did make them smell the coffee.  For us, this is a golden opportunity as we had a reason to give them a break.  Most of the time our volunteers refuse to stop, but this time we tricked them with fresh donuts and coffee.   beaver donuts smores

Beaver’s Can Be Found At The French Market

Their fixed location in the French Market, underneath Ogilvie Transportation Center, is an easy stop for the perfect commute.  Of course, for those of you that don’t take the train there is always the Beaver’s Donut Truck.  Always on the move they peddle donuts alongside Metropolis coffee.  Another bonus is having great donuts and great coffee all at the same time. 

To top that off, they have teamed up with Kip Russell for the perfect coffee break song.  “Morning Coffee” is releasing tomorrow!  I expect you’ll be humming along with us during your morning coffee break.  While you enjoy his single, you can also get free Metropolis coffee and donuts on Monday November 6th!  beaver donuts cinnamon sugar

All you have to do is stop into the French Market or find one of their food trucks!  You can get a free cup of coffee and two sugar dusted donuts!  From 7am-10am you can find Beaver’s trucks at Madison & Wacker or Clark & Monroe.  Check out their Twitter to see where they stop later in the day.  

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