Laughs With My Sister: Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

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Promotional Photo From Netflix

Promotional Photo From Netflix

Another Netflix Binge

Yes, we do watch Netflix.  We are not cable people and haven’t been for at least a decade.  Netflix doesn’t always hit the spot for us with their original shows.  However, we have not laughed so hard since watching Jack Whitehall on his gap year with his father.  A scenario which sounds tame and certainly is but also so bizarre that you cannot stop watching. 

The weirdest part has to be the similarities to my own parents.  Both my father and mother are not worldly people.  They are extremely stubborn and set in their ways.  Trying new foods are not in their comfort zone by any means.  So seeing an elderly English gentleman dismiss shorts as an option in Thailand, I could note that my family is not unique after all.  

Jack Whitehall Travels With His Parents So We Don’t Have To Do It

Our obsession in part stems from the gnawing feeling that our parents would be even more resistant to such a trip.  While at the very least eccentric Michael Whitehall is certainly willing to go along with some new experiences.  Whereas we see ourselves as Jack Whitehall wanting to soak up the culture and customs.   From slapping to teaching monks, there is a wide range.  

We owe our thanks to this young comedian  for doing what we cannot and traveling with his father to South East Asia.   There is all the awkwardness of having someone outside their comfort zone.  All without having to experience the embarrassment first hand of your parent making mistakes.  

Travel Snafus Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

The first episode sets the tone right away. A short dispute over staying in a hostel which really is just “No”.  While I don’t want to spoil the series, there are certainly many more surprises that will keep you enthralled.  Our personal favorite is the only permanent addition to the cast in the form of Winston.  A relationship forms that is so strange that you cannot help laughing out loud.  

Absurd circumstances lead to a delightful series.  Each episode tops the last one with a diverse set of stops from local shrines to The Orient Express to Angkor Wat.  All with the unusual in between and if you don’t find yourself wanting to release your “Butt-fly” by the end then I am not sure we can be friends.  You can watch this series on Netflix

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