Drive In The Circle With The Rogue SL

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rogue sl by the library

Nissan Rogue SL

We have seen a lot of the Nissan Rogue.  So this time around, when we had the Rogue SL, we were pleasantly surprised.  There are a few extra features that make being in the car relaxing.  Nothing says summer more than the perfect book like The Circle.  Instead of going to the beach, we headed to the Nissan Rogue.   rogue sl street view

This brings me to one of my hobbies.  Reading in the car, which sounds weird, but I started truly reading while in the car.  There were long drives to and from school.  Drives to the grocery store, where thankfully, I had the option to read rather than shop.  To this day, I still want to read in the car.  

With the full moon roof, the Rogue SL gives you the added comfort of space.  You feel that you are not in a small space.  The breeze and light are great for reading as well.  The ambiance is airy as you sit by yourself.  How many of us have used our vehicle as a chance to be alone?  Admit it.  There are days that you just want that personal space.  No need to scour for a secret spot.  You can just get in your Rogue and drive to anywhere.   reading the circle in the rogue sl

Summer Reading The Circle

This summer, we both read The Circle which is the One Book One Village pick this year.  Arlington Heights Memorial Library even has the author, Dave Eggers coming tomorrow night for a special discussion.   The Circle is all about connecting with the world.  The Rogue of course adds an ease to this process.  With media and apps that allow you to do what you need to in your Nissan.  Whether you are commuting or just checking to see if the clouds will keep passing you by, you can be connected on the go.   rogue sl close up front view

The Rogue really lends a sense of freedom.  The interior is executed to give the driver and passengers creature comfort.  There are details that you would not think mattered, but then find yourself not wanting to get out after you park.  A feeling which extends to social media.  Refreshing those feeds could leave you occupied for the rest of time.  However, like the Rogue, social media is all about what you make of it.  Whether you are feeding the hungry or enjoying some downtime, there is always the option of hopping in a Rogue of your own.  

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