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Revolution Foods

When it comes time to make dinner, you might find yourself struggling.  What can you make quickly that is wholesome?  This happens to the best of us.  Whether you are a mom or just busy and enjoying the fun of summer, there is Revolution Foods.  

dinner hero sesame garlic
Created by two moms that wanted to change the way kids eat.  They have provided a box meal that is unlike the others.  You probably remember eating one of those quick meals where you just add protein.  Revolution Foods has upped the game.  This is a meal that does not use artificial colors or flavors.  Just whole grains and spices that will allow you to create a meal in 30 minutes.   dinnero hero full line revolution foods

Be A Dinner Hero

There are currently four different Dinner Heroes.  Created by chefs, these flavors will help you expand your family’s palate.   Coconut Curry, Smoky Tomato, Fiesta Taco and Sesame Garlic all provide over 40 grams of whole grains.  Dinner is not only easy but flavorful.  Each one of these meals is simple to cook.  First, cook the grain all the way through. Second, sauté your protein and add the spices.  Then serve alongside a favored vegetable for a completely healthy meal.  Adding variety is easy when you have a versatile spice blend. dinner hero curry

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a dinner where Chef Katie made her own dishes using Dinner Heroes, including desserts! I was quite surprised by how versatile the dinner kits were. We had Sesame Garlic Lettuce Cups, Smoky Tomato Cous Cous, Steak and Asparagus, Fiesta Taco Braised Chicken, Sesame Garlic Pork and Rice, with an Asian Snow Peas Salad, Coconut Curry Butternut Squash and Coconut Curry Rice Pudding with Pistachio Coconut Brittle. My favorite dish of the night was the Coconut Curry Butternut Squash, a vegan dish, not something I’d normally pick at all. Curry has never been a favorite of mine, but coating the butternut squash in the spices in the kit and roasting it in the oven came out amazing.

dinner hero dessert Packed With Protein

Each of the four flavors has been carefully tested to match with multiple proteins.  From fish to tofu to chicken or beef, you can pair whatever protein you like without fear.  Flavors that are kid AND adult approved.  The best part in my opinion is that not only are you providing a full meal to your family, but also helping Revolution Foods support hungry kids.  

Revolution Foods has served over 2 million school meals a week in over a 1000 different schools.  All of this they do by donating 1% of their profits to schools.  Providing so many wholesome meals is only achievable by using sustainable supply chains.  This means that you have one more easy option for any meal.  Whether you want to be a Hero for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner you can find an option with Revolution Foods.  You can find more about Revolution Foods here

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