Top Brunch With The Cherry Pit Cafe

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cherry 5 Brunch is a big deal in the city, yet you will realize that you have been settling for brunch.  Why have a subpar version of breakfast and lunch when you can choose what you really want?  We were lucky enough that one of our friends brought to light the Cherry Pit Cafe.  The Cherry Pit Cafe is a diner that serves only breakfast and lunch.  Located in the heart of Deerfield at 808 Waukegan Road, you will find this place that looks straight from your perfect idea of a diner.  With counter seating and tables all themed red and white, you won’t know whether you like the atmosphere or the food more. cherry 3
From sweet to savory, not only will find you something you craved but something you didn’t even know you wanted.  The Cherry Pit has specials and even secret menu items.  Ranging from a waffle banana split to a cactus scramble, the variety is big for a small town vibe.  With 30 years in the business, the chefs and staff now own the diner outright.  The only real change is that the menu has become extremely artisan.  Where else can you find an egg white cactus scramble? cherry 1

Most of their menu items will sell out.  Just another nod to quality over quantity.  From coffee pancakes to ahi tuna benedict, you will find something to crave.  The sweet menu items come topped with a cherry.  A wild favorite is the triple berry crunch toast.  Basically the perfect french toast with a great crunch that blends with fresh berries.  

cherry 8 Beyond typical diner fare, there is a spicy Mexican theme.  You can find chicken tamales or chilaquiles so hot, you wished it wasn’t mid June because when you finish that plate you will still feel the heat.  To enchilada skillets with a sauce that doesn’t lose out to poached egg yolks.  

cherry 2 One of our favorite items is the pancake taco.  That’s right.  Pancake tacos, a dish so ingenious we were wondering why we’d never seen it before.  With two pancakes each topped with bacon, an egg over easy and american cheese, all topped with maple syrup.  How can you go wrong? You didn’t even know you wanted them but now you do.  

cherry 7 To be honest, everything was phenomenal.  To the point where when we got around to ordering, we were all jealous of each other’s choices.  That is something that rarely happens in a restaurant.  With plans to innovate the menu with seasons as well as with the chef’s whims you can expect great dishes from the Cherry Pit Cafe.  They are open Monday through Sunday from 7AM to 3PM.  You can find more details at their website.  

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