Pathfinder Your Way Through Chicagoland

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path 4 Recently we got a chance to have a Platinum 2017 Nissan Pathfinder for an entire week!  This is something that we have secretly dreamed about.  A brand new car that is loaded with all the technology that makes our job even easier.  Being able to link to the Pathfinder from your phone, means never having to work at home.  Unless of course we have to cook something, which we could do in the Pathfinder if we weren’t afraid of ruining a brand new Nissan. 

That’s because the Pathfinder has all the outlets you crave.  We are taking 3 prong outlets and USB and 12 volt.  So you can power any device if you have a plug for it.  This means that we can blog on the go.  Although let’s be honest, we have way more fun just driving around all week long.  I believe we put roughly 500 miles on our Pathfinder.  That is proof of how much fun we had driving it. 

path 2 We of course had to stop at all of our favorite spots.  Don’t be too surprised when you notice that most of these spots are restaurants.  We are food bloggers after all.  Our life does revolve around food.  To be honest, we could do other activities, but when we’re out we are all about finding something tasty to eat.  

path 31 This is much easier by having a fully loaded Bose sound system.  We could easily be entertained by the music as we search for a place to eat.  With the fickle weather in Chicago we started off using the heated seats and ended up switching to the air conditioning instead.  The choice of a warm or cool butt is a luxury that never gets old.  Nothing will cool you down faster when it’s 80°F than an air conditioned seat.  

The worse part by far is how smooth the ride is, because it was hard to know just how fast we were going.  The Pathfinder is so quiet and smooth that you never feel the acceleration.  Honestly, I had to continuously check my speed because the ride felt the same no matter where we were.  Going uphill feels the same as going downhill.  

path 23 The feature we are most thankful for is the safety alert system.  Not only does the Pathfinder light up as cars go past either side.  The Pathfinder also beeps if it senses red brake lights ahead and that you are not slowing down.  A feature that saved us from many sudden stops.  A great feature for adventures on the road, since your eyes are looking for a great place to explore.

Much beloved were the moon and sun roofs.  The moonroof is a great option to soak up even more sun on a beautiful day.  The Nissan Pathfinder truly feels like you are in nature when you have the sunroof open in the back seats.  The front section feels so open with big windows, that you forget about the people in the back don’t have the same view.  

path 8 As for the color, which is Sandstone.  We already long for the shade which stands out amongst a sea of parked cars.  You will never lose your Sandstone Pathfinder.  Not just because it stands taller than the cars around it, but because your eye catches that golden orange immediately. 

This is just the beginning of our adventure with the Nissan Pathfinder Platinum.  We had an extra special plan for the enormous cargo room. Coming to you soon on the blog, the Nissan adventures with FIGHT2FEED.

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