Nissan FIGHT2FEED Mother’s Day Mission

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path 16 Nissan graciously lent us a brand new 2017 Platinum Pathfinder during the week of Mother’s Day.  Why? We had a mission to feed 500 people on Mother’s Day.  The Pathfinder is perfect for such a mission.  With all that ability to store ingredients for 500 meals.  All while giving you the same ride as a lazy day cruising the sights.  

With room for 7, the Pathfinder also has a stow and go in the back.  As well as extremely easy to fold down seats.  This came in handy as we fit a few hundred pounds of raw ingredients inside. With an easy open trunk, we can worry less about the doors and more about how to stack the food.  Normally, we have to play tetris with our supplies.  With the Pathfinder, we just had to fold down the seats and stack everything inside.  

path 24 The built in navigation is a breeze.  Of course, you must stop to use it for your safety.  However, no longer are we lost navigating underneath Lower Wacker Drive and Lower Michigan Avenue.  Places that we know our hungry friends might be.  These places are scattered so being able to drive without having to worry about gas is a relief.

path 27 The camera come in handy when you are needing to turn around in a tight space.  You have a full 360° view of your Pathfinder.  Extremely handy when you know your hungry friends are walking around distributing the meals to each other.  

path 15 We did not take a lot of photos with our hungry friends.  However, we did take some great photos with some of our chef partners.  These chefs volunteer their time and expertise to help us cook meals.  They will help us plan meals with rescued food.  

path 14 Rescuing food is easy in the Nissan Pathfinder.  When we rescue food, it can be at the last minute.  We know where to take the food on behalf of others.  With the Pathfinder, we didn’t have to worry because no matter what it was we could fit it inside.  We were able to fold down a few seats so that we didn’t have to create precarious stacks of hot dishes.  

path 1 With easy to control air conditioning we can keep the food fresh for longer.  Or prevent a special donation of chocolates for Mother’s Day from melting on a hot day.  All of this is easier with a Nissan that is built with all the details in mind.  We never had to say no we can’t with the Pathfinder.  The answer is always yes we can.  

path md 1

Something in part instilled by the joy of driving the Pathfinder.  Never once did we lose our cool while driving around.  While we love doing street mission with FIGHT2FEED, you never know what to expect in Chicago.  With the Pathfinder we could never be lost.  We would never feel uncomfortable.  We always felt safe even as we hand delivered meals out the windows.  

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