Culinary Fight Club: Taco About It

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taco 1 While I do need to recap, Culinary Fight Club: Taco at Cesar’s Killer Margaritas.  I do have great news about upcoming fights.  There is a lot of fun to be had with Culinary Fight Club across the country. 

However, let’s get back to Chicago.  We witnessed the crowning of Jed Swartz with Holy Taco as the winner.  He crafted a wickedly spicy shrimp taco.  The part that surprised me the most beyond the variety of proteins.  The salsas almost had no tomatoes.  Our working theory is that the tomato is commonplace.  Or that those suckers are hard to grab during a timed pantry run.  

taco 2

Beyond the winner, the bone marrow tacos were a hit from Chef Ryan Dallesasse.  Along with the sneaky Chef Ross Johnson who once again wowed us with his meat.  That steak is phenomenal.  He once again donated back what he didn’t use to FIGHT2FEED.  Then there is the jerk chicken taco by Chef Joelle Brown.  Last but not least the seemingly traditional street taco by Chef Manuel Mendoza.  
taco 5

All of these tacos were bold flavors.  They were all above average.  Interestingly enough they all chose to serve their tacos in a soft shell.  Although, Chef Jed chose to press their own tortillas.  A freshness that you can’t avoid using pre-made tortillas.   taco 3

The next Chicago fight takes place May 31st, next Wednesday night.  The fight to see who will win James Beard Blended Burger will take place at Concord 55 in Chicago.  This unique challenge presented by The Mushroom Council demands healthier burgers using at least 25% mushroom.  As always the festivities are from 6-9PM.  You can buy tickets here.   taco 7

There is a lot of Chicago food to be eaten and we are just helping you find the chefs that will fight to feed you!  Don’t forget you can support our charity, FIGHT2FEED by attending a Culinary Fight Club in a city near you or learning more at our website

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