Spring Into El Tapeo For Tapas

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tapas 5 El Tapeo is a long time feature on our blog.  I am not sure how many seasons we have spent with them, but each one is as delectable as the last.   Their Spring into Tapas had a few new additions to their spring menu.  They are a hidden gem in Oak Brook inside Le Meridien Hotel.  Their bar features a great view with a sultry atmosphere.  tapas 4

The paella is a must have.  If you have never had paella before, then expect a full flavored dish.  We’re talking hit you in the mouth with that savory rice.  Lima beans that you’ll love to eat rather those days of secretly picking them out.  Topped with shrimp and chicken that allows you to savor every bite of smoking heat.  Paella not only looks gorgeous but it is a great sharing option.  Everyone can mingle while they load up their small plates again and again and again.  tapas 3

There are three new main features.  Pea soup shooters topped with an onion foam.  They were a hit with pea lovers.  Going down easy in a way you don’t expect to eat your soup.  No real slurping required when you shoot soup.  The bright green color definitely reminds you this dish is fresh from the garden. tapas 8

Not to be outdone by the creamy chicken croquettes.  These spheres are delicately crisp on the outside with creamy rice and chicken on the inside.  Dip them in a cilantro yogurt spread and you are enjoying a new kind of comfort food.  tapas 1

The stand out of the night though had to be the scallops.  They were seared to perfection and topped with morel mushrooms.  Even Alison, not a scallop fan by any means couldn’t stop herself from having another.  All of these bites can be found at El Tapeo.

While they are a full service bar, they feature red and white sangria.  I have to recommend the white wine we were served.  This went above our expectations and paired with everything.  So you should ask for a glass of Albariño 2015 by Martín Códax.  This took the lasting heat and brought out that fresh feeling.  Extremely crisp and most unexpectedly satisfied both myself and Alison.  We tend not agree on our white wines, but we were both craving another glass. 

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