Knife & Tine Is All That

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kt 1 Knife & Tine is headed by a chef that we have featured on our blog before.  Chef Paul Caravelli has competed in Culinary Fight Club and finally clinched a victory.  Consequently, we’ve tasted his food numerous times.  His restaurant has been our list for some time.   kt 2

Finally, we made the time to go in for dinner.  As it happened for Alison’s birthday which is important for the dessert course.  The spirit and beer selection encompasses all tastes.  You can definitely find something you like on their list.  Alison loved the cocktail she had with amarena cherries!  Her favorite, so you know the night could not go wrong.   kt 3

Our expectations were met time and again.  From appetizers, bacon stuffed dates that were ‘drunk’.  Deviled eggs that were nearly too tall to eat.  Every dish had flavors that meshed together.  The menu has a snack section and an appetizer section.  So if you desire truly small plates you can find them.  Not to forget the biscuits that pair with the butter of the day, this time truffle.   kt 4

Appetizers are more of a sharing size like the beer mac and cheese.  Loaded with sausage and creamy cheesy goodness, all coated in a beer cheese sauce.  Something we make at home, but not quite packed with so much cheese.  One of those ultimate comfort foods but with a twist of a great beer.   kt 7

The avocado toast also brought big accolades.  Finishing it off with sugar and the whole table had trouble holding themselves back.  Sharing is hard sometimes.  kt 6

The birthday girl nearly order the beer can chicken with dumplings.  However, instead we shared that and the ravioli with pear and pecorino filling.  The dumplings were non-traditional.  The hearty dumplings held up to the chicken thigh.  Disappointment nearly hit me at the bottom of that bowl.  kt 5

The ravioli were light and fluffy.  Lightly sauced and filled to perfection with an egg topper.  There was not much sharing to be done once Alison had that first bite.  She didn’t want to give any of them away.  kt 9

Thoughtfully they sent us a round of espresso guinness cocktails to pair with german chocolate birthday cake towers.  Knife & Tine is the perfect choice for a special night out.  Of course, you can have a great meal there, but this menu is crafted in a way that elevates your meal.  This is not an average dinner.  We highly recommend Knife & Tine if you really want to enjoy flavors you love in new ways.   kt 0

You can find Chef Paul occasionally at Culinary Fight Club competing or eating or serving tasty wings.  Or you can taste his food at Knife & Tine in Lincoln Park.  He’s just one of the great chefs you can find in Chicago.  


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