Culinary Fight Club: Chocolate Edition

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cfc feb That is correct!  This month’s Culinary Fight Club is themed around chocolate.  No matter what your opinion is regarding that holiday on the 14th, all that matters is that you enjoy chocolate!  So far, I’m hearing that 4 chefs have signed up to serve you savory chocolate dishes.  The heated battle will take place February 13th from 6-9PM at Lucky Strike FTW.   As always 20% of the proceeds go to FIGHT2FEED

So, you’re thinking bowling and food? Does it get better than this? Obviously not because the only thing that would make this better is an open bar!  Well, you’re in luck.  The cost of your ticket includes 2 hours of open bar!  This is just one of the reasons that Culinary Fight Club is a giant party.  Only we care mostly about the food and which chef will win! Don’t forget to vote for you favorite as well!   cfc-5

The usual rules apply, as always the first rule of Culinary Fight Club is to talk about Culinary Fight Club.  You can find tickets here.  Other chocolate fights are taking place this month, check to see if your city is one of them! I can warn you that if you attend, then you will be having a great night out regardless of whether you are single or not.  This an intense event.  You will have to use your wits to pester the chefs with important questions like what percent of chocolate are they using? Do they think bacon goes with chocolate?   cfc feb1

The samples that you desire are won amongst other hungry fight clubbers.  However, this is all part of the experience.  You will bond over your need to taste all the delicacies served up.  This is a fast paced event.  With the help of the MC and Cheferee, you hear what is being served up from ingredients to swagger.  There might even be parts that you don’t get to taste.  At a fight, a chef had a spill and as a result had limited resources.  So, not everyone got to sample.  Much better than watching it on your television, you get to be part of the drama and scoop up that last sample. cfc feb3

With that in mind, you might miss penalties. When that whistle sounds, a chef is in trouble of losing points!  Every chef only gets 3 secret ingredients.  These elements of surprise must be checked in before the battle.  Most battles are a few points difference.   These chefs agree to deal with a high pressure situation.  Not only are they cooking for the judges, but also the entire crowd.  So, why not be a part of a great night out?  The only thing you’re missing is discovering great chefs in Chicago! 

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