Counting The Last Year

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We have enjoyed our holiday break.  We hope that your holidays were all that you wanted.  The new year is off to a start and we’ve got lots to do even this weekend.  You might catch us at a Chicago Wolves game or even at the Travel & Adventure show in Rosemont.  

However, mostly I wanted to talk about the changes in our lives.  The two of us have grown a lot this year.  We’ve taken on new projects with even more in the works.  Most of all we have made great new friends.  We have work friends, adventure friends, foodie friends, volunteering friends and the best part of having all these friends is no cookies.  That’s right no cookies!

We are cookie free.  You probably think I lost my marbles to think no cookies is a great situation. However, this time of year, we’re generally struggling with extra holiday cookies.  The ones that weren’t eaten first.  The guilt over not being able to eat them all, but then they are all stale and sad.  Not this year.  There are no stale cookies in our house.  This is amazing.  

The best part is that we have found those friends that don’t mind edible treats every so often (twice a week).  We can only try to throw so many doughnuts at our neighbors before they completely stop answering the door.  Alright, so I don’t throw food at the neighbors, but before I was majorly tempted.  You only want one sweet roll! JUST ONE! I’ve got a full dozen.  So, now I can happily share in small amounts among all the hungry people I like to see. 

I don’t know how you measure your years, but this year I’m counting zero cookies and I am ecstatic.  Santa doesn’t have to bear the burden any longer.  He can happily switch over to fresh juices.  We certainly have started on the juicing regiment once again.  I just have to hold back on sharing those ginger shots.  No one likes to get shots.  For now, I am satisfied just to share my cookies. 

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