Holidays With Sullivan’s Steakhouse

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ssh-knock We’ve all done the rushing around.  The crazy amounts of preparing the perfect gifts.  Wrapping the presents just so with bows and ribbons.  Stocked up on butter and flour and sugar, or is that just me?  Anyway you describe it, you have worked hard for your holiday to be flawless.   So, of course you deserve to reward yourself with a great meal.  We had the pleasure of previewing a new menu at Sullivan’s Steakhouse.

Luxurious food is always a balm for stress.  We crave that comfort food because it just makes everything feel worth it.  Do not spend more time slaving away in your kitchen.  Head to Sullivan’s in Naperville for the menu you craved this whole time. 


We’re talking appetizers that will make anyone beam.  Hot seafood platters and cold seafood platters because you can have your shrimp or oysters any way you desire.  Sullivan’s is truly about service.  Do not be surprised if you almost feel angry by how well they treat you.  I mean, why are they ruining dinner at home? No one ever folds my napkin there! They are thoughtless compared to the staff at Sullivan’s. 


The chef’s beet salad is one of my favorite dishes on their winter menu.  The beets and microgreens just feel so right together.  I am biased towards beets though, but anything goes well with one of their Knockout Cocktails.  You will want more than one.  


I’ve discovered that you are either a duck person or a lamb person.  I am a duck person.  While my sister is a lamb person who will fight for more than one lamb chop!  The winter vegetables were not only adorable but also delicious squashes and carrots galore.  


All this can not top the chocolate peppermint creme brulee.  A dish that is large enough to share.  However, no one will mind if you polish that dish off all by yourself.  There is no better way to have an after dinner mint than creme brulee style.  

So, if you require a sumptuous meal with excellent service you should head to Sullivan’s Steakhouse.  The location in Naperville is gorgeous after a remodel.  With formal to informal rooms that can be for small or large parties.  There is a lot to be enjoyed with your entire extended family at Sullivan’s.  They have special seasonal menus including one for New Year’s Eve!  

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