Culinary Fight Club During Baking Week

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As you may have guessed, we’ve been busy.  This time it’s not all work.  However, baking week is upon us.  Yesterday was our first full day of baking in preparations for the holidays!  Before I forget I wanted to tell you that Culinary Fight Club is tomorrow night!  My job still requires that I share all things Culinary Fight Club with you!  

I know that is short notice, but you already know it happens once a month!  You can find amazing chefs doing battle at the Bottled Blonde on Monday night!  The theme is Sip N Bites with a secret mystery judge that even I don’t know about!  You can still buy tickets and amazing news! 100% of the proceeds of this month’s fight support Fight2Feed!  

We will be feeding around 1200 people Christmas Eve breakfast burritos! You can sign up here to volunteer!  We are also collecting hats, coats, gloves, scarves to keep everyone warm this winter!  There’s a lot to be done between now and then.  

The baking is fierce at our house.  We are making cookie after cookie and planning in cheesecake, pineapple pie, my ultimate favorite dessert chocolate stout cake with champagne buttercream frosting.  This one almost didn’t make the list this year because we don’t like to make repeats.  However, we were both like yes, we should just make that again.  Someone will eat that cake. (The person is me and whoever fights me for a slice!)

So, I am taking the time to share that we are in the kitchen doing what we do best.  Sadly, most of you will have to make your own cookies.  There’s only one oven in our kitchen.  Our schedule is packed this week.  There is little down time before Christmas.  

We are booking all our events around our list.  This isn’t like Santa’s list.  There are currently 18 pounds of butter chilling in our garage.  Some of it has been converted into cookies already.  No, we’re not using all of that butter this year, but we always keep some extra.  For toast, because breakfast toast is portable and that is what we need.  

Normally, I’d wish you a Happy Holiday, but instead I’ll wish you plenty of butter.  Lots of cling wrap, thank you to our friend Marsha for dropping some off earlier.  She saved us from Costco on a Saturday!  That might be my favorite gift this year!  Maybe we’ll see you on Monday night for the fight or maybe you’ll be cooking Saturday morning! Either way we hope to see you celebrating the most wonderful time of the year! 

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