The Bottled Blonde Serves Up Culinary Fight Club

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cfc-4 This month’s fight had it all.  Sips and bites!  Along with a large crowd that came to watch a brutal battle of chefs and mixologists.  100% of the proceeds from December’s fight went to Fight2Feed.  I am really here to tell you about Culinary Fight Club, but I can say that we cooked and fed 1440 meals on Christmas Eve!


Back to our regularly scheduled blog post, Culinary Fight Club hit the sauce.  There was no better place to serve up sips than the Bottled Blonde.  I mean that wall of barrels just says, pour me a stiff drink. With both the chef and mixologist able to hit the pantry during the run, there were double the ingredients in play.  5 chefs competed and there can only be one winner.  


The crowd I think was more restless than usual for samples.  Each bite paired with a sip and they did not disappoint.  Of course, while I can try to pretend like I didn’t have a favorite, I sided with the audience in backing Chef Mark Gaylord. Those lamb chops were so amazing.  I guess a himalayan salt block is the ultimate secret weapon and plate.


He won not only Judge’s Choice, but also the audience’s vote as well.  We certainly all wanted to have more than one, but sadly sharing is essential with fight clubbers.  The sip paired with those lamb chops can only be described as Christmas in a glass.  So, with the festive atmosphere, we were easily won over.


Culinary Fight Club can be especially packed as it was last Monday night.  I have learned crowd sneaking skills.  Although, you should know that everyone at fight club is instantly worth being your friend with their love of food.  I promise you that you will find new chefs that you will follow to their restaurants.  We have a list of chefs on ours that we’ve sampled from previous fights and the list will continue to grow.  Hopefully, this year will bring even more chefs that I will cheer on from Chicago to Atlanta to San Diego to Kansas City.  There are Culinary Fight Clubs taking place in more than one city.  Don’t be hesitant to represent your local flavors! 

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