World Market Invaded By The Rehab Addict

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wm-sb I’m about to tell you about 2 things I love.  World Market and Nicole Curtis best known as the Rehab Addict on HGTV.  World Market has a diverse mix of products from edibles to wrapables to decor; there is something to catch your eye in their store.  Nicole Curtis is someone that I wish would live in my neighborhood so she could revamp my grandparent’s house.  Seriously, if I only had the resources and skills that she has my kitchen could go from a dark cave to a masterpiece.  


We were thrilled to meet Nicole Curtis. We weren’t the only ones with around five hundred people showing up to get copies of Better Than New signed.  She is truly down to earth and delightful.  I’m looking forward to reading her book from cover to cover.   Perhaps then I will get around to all those DIY projects that have stalled in various parts of the house. 


World Market of course has our favorite holiday wrapping paper.  We tend to get the most compliments on our wrapping paper and they still haven’t realized where we get our stash.  Then we found an item that will see us through the happiest of winters.  An insulated glass pitcher with a dispenser button.  Not only is it adorable but it keeps your drinks hot all day long.  The only downside is that someone is going to be the one that gets the last few drops.  


Then there are all the foods that you can’t find elsewhere.  We found glass noodles that we use in our Korean dishes.  They have a wall of tea and coffee.  The best part is that they have our favorite syrups to go with their coffee.  All the Torani syrup flavors you want.  We selected Bourbon Caramel.  Let’s just say that Christmas is going to be extra delectable this year. 

While we can always go back for more at World Market, this time we couldn’t help being foodies.  We poured over everything and had trouble not buying all the things.  Another trip is required because we need to start picking decorations and paper for Christmas.  We can’t escape planning ahead this year with cookie swaps coming up and much more.  Of course you can always pre-plan your trip or shop online!

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