Winter Is Coming

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You are aware that winter is coming.  I’m certain I am not alone in flinching at the prediction of snow.  This week we are potentially seeing our first snow in Chicagoland.  Something that honestly isn’t the worst considering some years we have snow in October.  

So, today we did what we had to.  Raked and bagged up leaves before mowing the lawn one last time.  I honestly can’t believe how we went without our John Deere (not a sponsor) being out of comission for so long.  Luckily, a mechanical friend fixed up our green beastie.  Say what you want, but a riding lawn mower is how I always want to mow my lawn.  There are favorable alternatives of course, but I love being able to get it done faster.  

We are talking a lawn mower that is just over 25 years old.  All metal body, the last model before they switched to plastic.  The green of course is iconic, but I love that it has mulching capabilities.  No trips around the yard raking, unless we’ve really gone between trims.  

The best part of course is not getting hives.  If you have a grass allergy, then your family can rejoice because yes you can mow the lawn.   You just want a riding lawn mower so that the grass can’t get you.  Not getting hives has made mowing the lawn less of a dreaded activity and more of a 30-45 minute zen break.  Afterwards, our lawn looks a bit like a zen garden.  All whorls and curves instead of harsh diagonals.  

Today marked the last time we mow our lawn this year.  Now, we can anticipate winter snow without worrying about any sludge underneath.  If there is anything worse than plain snow, then it is dirty snow in any degree.  How do you prepare for winter?

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