What We’re Streaming

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Time to get to the important stuff. What we are really streaming on our television. We don’t have cable because living with a former librarian we are used to borrowing what we want. Although, the easier way of course is to stream. Our platform of choice is Netflix. Not a sponsor, we’re just addicts. 

So, this month we have been watching Frasier. That’s right the sitcom has all 11 seasons available to watch. We enjoy the petty sibling rivalry and of course the adorable Jack Russell Terrier. There’s also the rub of seeing a coffee house of our past. You could find one in the Seattle area just like it almost anywhere, but much harder to find in Chicago. They do exist, but you won’t just find them on any street corner.

We are also watching All Hail King Julien. The Dreamworks animation team had us in the palm of their hand from the second we laid eyes on those penguins. The wacky lemur is certainly an easy watch as he somehow manages to retain his throne. I’m onto you sky spirits. I really hope that Dave doesn’t have it out for me this winter.

Heir Hunters is something that has been a dose of reality tv along with documentary. The format allows us an insight into recent history that we never would have discovered on our own. We like our documentaries. So, this show has us enthralled by family trees and how human relationships fall apart. Let’s face it these people aren’t leaving wills because they don’t feel close to their families.

We have to add in some mystery. The Pinkertons is excellently done.  A female detective who apparently worked as security detail for former President Lincoln.  She finds herself in a new job with a private agency.  Partnered with the somewhat bumbling son, she goes on to solve cases in the wild west.   From train robberies to straight up murder, they use deductive reasoning and science of the time to solve cases.  Perhaps on the campier side, but I do appreciate that the mysteries are solved in period with attention to accuracy of what information they would have had.  

Last but not least, some feel good comedies have been cropping up.  One of our favorites is The Pacifier.  You can’t go wrong with Vin Diesel winning over a houseful of children.  Learning that he might not want to be an elite soldier is the warm heart of this movie.  If only he could teach me some defensive driving that I could use on the mean streets of Chicago.  

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