We Can Fix That

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This is something that has been driving our friends to the point of hysterics recently.  The “yes, we can” mentality in which we approach everything in our lives.  We don’t just do food but basically anything else that we can.  From DIY to gardening to fixing broken game consoles.  We’re doing it all and let me explain why that is. 

If you’re unfamiliar with our background, then I should warn you that we grew up in the middle of nowhere.  I’m talking no sidewalks, no sewers, a 500 gallon sunken gas tank in our backyard because there was no supply.  There was no walking anywhere unless it was the dog down our small street.  When you came home you checked yourself for ticks or burrs.  

As you can imagine, we were not only well stocked in case of emergencies, but also because grocery stores required a long drive.  So when you don’t really get local channels and the internet wasn’t really a hit, you were left to entertain yourselves.  There was a lot of creating in our house.

So, we would craft items.  From weaving to sculpting to plumbing, we’ve had a wide range of exposure.  We’re lucky for the most part to fend for ourselves.  We learned to try on our own before asking for help.  With the added bonus of knowing when to immediately ask for help.  Certain situations require experts.  

Of course this won’t matter much to you unless we decide to start documenting our projects.  However, this is the basis of our lavish spreads.  We go all out to entertain with food because we had all the time to craft everything from scratch.  Once you have had everything catered to your tastes, you will find it most difficult to go back to even junk food.  There are only a handful of things that I can tolerate from my childhood, most of the so called ‘junk food’ we eat is homemade. Like cookies or granola or bread, there’s a lot of carbohydrates in our diet.   HoneyBaked Easter Bunny Napkins

So, if you’re looking to fix your habits in anyway, you can move to the middle of nowhere.  Living in isolation gives you the perspective of doing not just what is necessary but what you enjoy.  You might just find yourself doing tasks by hand that you never have before.  Like folding your napkins to look like bunnies.  


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