The Top 5 Doughnuts That Make You Stop

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I might as well divulge some of our secrets.  Going without doughnuts is hard, we’ve done it before, but it feels so much better to have one.  Are they healthy? Probably not by any means, but we crave them and so we give into the craving so as not to make worse choices later down the road.

  1. Spunky Dunkers. You’ve probably heard us mention them before.  The best part is that they are open 24 hours.  They are constantly making new doughnuts.  Our favorite of course is the chocolate buttercream.  Once you have one, you will find it hard to give up this delectable sugar rush.  They do great cake doughnuts as well.  Not dense at all and with seasonal flavors like pumpkin. 
  2. Glazed and Infused.  They have been voted best doughnut shop in Chicago.  This is for good reason.  They don’t tend to have the variety of some other places, but they are excellent.  We keep going back for more and they keep putting out unique flavors.  They serve sparrow coffee a perfect pairing. 
  3. Firecakes. Not the biggest variety either, but you will be amazed at the wonders of their doughnuts.  The softness lasts for days.  Any other doughnut I’d expect to be somewhat firmer, but these hold up overnight.  They come in a variety of sizes from small to as big as your head.  We like their hot cider as a pairing. 
  4. Doughnut Vault.  This is first come first served because some of their locations are mobile and tiny.  I remember ordering a chestnut doughnut and getting them mixed up only to find Alison refused to swap back.  Beware of doughnut thievery when you are near this vault.  
  5. D0-Rite Donuts. A place that we aren’t always near enough to stop but when we do, there is a full stop.  They not only have delectable apple fritters but also Dark Matter coffee.  Hard to pass up when you’re near Daley Plaza.  Also there’s the vegan options, but you probably already knew about those. 

Some of these must haves are really tiny.  We’re talking space for only two people maybe at the counter.  You get in and get out and hope that no one in front of the line orders all the doughnuts and coffee.  Yet, we keep coming back for more.  We just can’t resist our doughnut fix. 

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