The Gift You Give Yourself: Mayana Chocolate

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Mayana Chocolate.  If you haven’t heard of this yet, then you are welcome for this gift.  Your world is about to change in a way that you never could have imagined.  This chocolate is our favorite.  Hard to believe, but Alison isn’t exactly a chocolate lover.  Yet, she wants Mayana Chocolate.  Not everything because she can’t go to the dark side, but even a non-chocolate lover is raving over Mayana.   

We were lucky enough to meet Chef Daniel before he became a worldwide chocolate sensation.  We were first introduced to the 16 piece box.  Honestly, there is nothing like Mayana Chocolate.  You miss out on nothing when you eat a piece.  From the passion fruit hearts to the lemon earl grey to the mayan spice.  Each one wows you with a pairing you never thought could be perfectly balanced.

The experience doesn’t stop there.  The line expands into flawless chocolate bars, layered with all sorts of nuts or nougat or caramel.  Yet, nothing loses out and the combination of flavors hits your tongue on all levels.  You may have had candy bars in the past, but I doubt you’ve ever had one so harmonious before.  There is just nothing else like The Fix.  This ain’t your checkout line choice of regret.  This is the fix that you didn’t know you deserved. 

You must think that I’m exaggerating by now, but I promise you I am not.  Mayana Chocolate is a gift I can give and always hear great responses.  Even if everyone has different taste preferences, there is a piece in their ultimate box that will suit your tastebuds.  

Now, I can tell you that if you are looking for the gift for your foodie friends this year that you can buy online. Or if you’re in Chicago you can drop by the One Of A Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart.  A place that is endlessly crowded in the food aisle, but you will eventually get your turn at the chocolate wonderland.  

I’m certain you must think I’m just endlessly repeating myself, but putting into words how much we love Mayana Chocolate is difficult.  The best way for you to understand is to put some into your own mouth.  You won’t regret making the choice until you run out.  The real challenge is managing your new addiction.  

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