Pick Your Own Apple

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Organic apples.  One of those foods that you just can’t replicate.  Sure, there are pretty apples to be had, but those are not the apples I crave. 

Organic apple orchards are so difficult to locate.  Orchards are a business and they want you buy their apples.  Yet, they don’t taste nearly as good as suffering through mosquito laden air space. There is no substitute for an apple that you just can’t put down.  The aroma fills up your fridge with that apple goodness. 

The only downside is knowing that a truly organic apple orchard might not have the same yield.  We were lucky enough to get a few dozen apples that weren’t tasted by some other creature.  Not so fun fact spiders apparently like apples too…as houses. 

There always seems to be a perfect looking apple but then you pluck it off the tree to find a hole on the other side.  However, if you want to learn about someone then you have to suffer together.  If you aren’t laughing at the end, then you are probably not doing it right.  In that spirit, a trip to an organic apple orchard on a muggy day is the perfect bonding experience.  You can commiserate over the most delectable fruit you have ever eaten.  


The organic orchard will feature bees.  All orchards have them, but you will find potentially more here and their more aggressive cousins, wasps.  They will have burrows of creatures that live between the rows.  There will be mosquitoes on certain muggy days.  They will have the most ugly looking apples you have ever seen.  If you saw them in the store, then you would never pick them up. 

They will be smaller apples.  Yet, you will find yourself biting into the apple and not wasting any of it.  Maybe you don’t always eat them down to the core and spit out the seeds, but you will not want to waste any of this fruit. 

The organic orchard that we attempt to rediscover every year is in Woodstock.  The farmer tends to do as little as possible to the trees.  They might spray sulfur but that’s about it.  They also have a phenomenal price: $1.50 per pound of apples.  Not only that but this organic orchard features heirloom varieties.  We are talking the apples with complex tasting notes.  There is even a variety that is reminiscent of a banana.  So, you keep your store bought apples, and we’ll try to pick as many good ones as we can.  We might even tell people the name of it, but we’re probably too selfish to share.  Pick your own organic apples!

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