Olive Theory Pizza Uniting Us All

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otp-hb If there is one thing that can unite us all it is food, more specifically pizza. Pizza is that universal food that we all crave. Well, I’m here to tell you that until you’ve made a trip to Olive Theory Pizzeria, you are missing out.


Not only are they currently rated as the #1 Pizza place in all of Illinois, a place where we are extremely picky about our pies, but Olive Theory is that branch that reaches all of your tastebuds. With a staggering promise to donate 1 pizza for every 10 that they sell, they already impress us.  Factor into the equation delicious pizzas (and salads and sandwiches) baked fast in a super heated oven and you’ve got happy customers.  Add in that all items are one price on the menu, no matter how many toppings you add, and you’ve got ecstatic customers.  Seriously, they are doing great pizza with no surcharges.  Everything tastes great. 


The “W” pizza in honor of the Cubs being awesome this year!

The Olive Theory is entirely based upon the Greco-Roman mythology.  I highly recommend that while you are eating pizza and doing good (they have already donated 2300 pizzas) you ask for Poseidon’s blessing.  This is nice additive to your pizza giving it more of those traditional pizza spices.  They also offer seasonal toppings so be sure to check those options.  otp-trio

I’ve heard mentions that they might branch into other crust beyond the thin crust, but we’ll just have to wait and see.  Really though when you can customize your pie there is no downside.  They do have some house recipes but you can alter those to your liking as well.  Alison had the secret “House BBQ” pizza.  They do have gluten-free options as well. 


There’s even dessert pizzas and they don’t make you cringe.  Let’s be honest you hear dessert pizza and you think hard pass.  Yet, they prebake the crust and then load them with dessert toppings.  The results are still warm and with a melty quality to the ingredients on top namely chocolate or peanut butter based ‘sauces’.   If dessert pizza still has you wary, then there are cookies that they make in house fresh.  They are on the crunchy side so if you’re a big softie you’ve been warned. 

Basically, we are waiting for them to open more locations.  Hopefully one in Arlington Heights, but we’d settle for gradually closer until there’s one down the street.  Or you know we can keep making reasons to go into Downer’s Grove besides just lunch.  However, Olive Theory Pizzeria has just celebrated their first year of business so we can wait a while longer to see how many branches start to grow.  We can wait because those pizzas reheat really well.  They do have an app for easy online ordering and a website

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