My Neighbor Isn’t A Lumberjack

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But he might have been, or so he tells us if he hadn’t you know been a CPA.  His collection of saws certainly come in handy more than you would expect.  There is a lot that we do around our house.  We grew up in the middle of nowhere so our first instinct is to do it ourselves.  Luckily, one of our neighbors has the heavy duty tools we lack.  

The neighborly help doesn’t end there.  We are lucky enough to live by people that my parents and grandparents know well.  So when we were growing up we saw them too.  This is one of the upsides of living in the same house for multiple generations.  You know everyone in the neighborhood.  The sense of community is one that we lacked in the middle of nowhere.  Once you know everyone it’s easy to be a good neighbor.  

Here, I can walk between the houses and ask for some white wine for dinner.  To my surprise I might be given an entirely new bottle.  Pre-chilled from the fridge and in return we serve pork stew with goat cheese polenta and fresh peanut butter cookies.  You know, the usual types of treats we foist on them.  

Having  a good neighbor means that you don’t worry if a few leaves are cross the line.  That you can grab the mail when they’re gone.  They don’t mind when your cat is being ridiculous and hiding in their bushes.  Best of all, they are only half serious about the cross to ward off your goodies.  

Being our neighbor probably entails not losing weight.  We spread around the baked goods.  From cookies to sweet rolls, we dish out portions of varying size.  Most of the time we get a call telling us we should open a bakery.  The thought is extremely rewarding even if the idea is scary.  Bakeries are a big scale operation.  The volume required well, we’d need a lot more neighbors to eat all those leftover treats.  So, for now we’ll keep sharing all the food we bake with our neighbors. 

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