Milk Mask For Soft Skin

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If there is one thing that winter weather does without fail, it is to dry out your skin.  All that cold and dry weather will damage the outer layers of your face.  So today we’re going to talk a little DIY kitchen beauty. We use this is one mask year round because it makes our skin soft and blemish free.

The lactic acid in the milk softens your skin and the only other ingredient is plain gelatin.  As you can imagine that removes just about everything else including pesky blackheads.

The recipe is simple.  

1 Tbsp plain gelatin + 1 1/2 Tbsp milk.   Mix slightly before microwaving 10-20 seconds.

The higher the fat content in your milk the better for this mask.  If the mask is grainy it needs more heat.  If the mask is loose, the milk will actually seem unmixed and white then it needs more gelatin.  You can heat it for another ten seconds extra (30 total) but it will be quite hot. You should let it cool slightly or risk scalding your face.

Pro-tip: Wet any hair you don’t want to get removed.  Your eyebrows just need a quick dab of water.  It doesn’t hurt to wet any sideburns and hair around your forehead.  Basically keep your hair away from the mask.  On the upside any unwanted facial hair will be removed.  

The mask takes roughly a half hour to dry before you peel it off.  It will be dry to the touch on the outside and quite firm on your face.  Although, the thicker you apply the mask the less it tends to hurt when peeling.  This recipe generally makes 2 masks for us.  Be warned though, do not let this go unattended at all.  If you miss the application window, then you won’t get the same results.  What I am saying is as soon as you get it out of the microwave, and wet your eyebrows go to town. 

The gelatin wants to firm up right away.  You have maybe 3-4 minutes before this is like glue in the bowl.  The one downside is that some people don’t seem to like the aroma of the milk/gelatin combination.  For us it doesn’t smell strongly or offensive, just like powdered milk really.  

I suppose there is one more downside.  Your face will feel extremely soft and smooth so you might find yourself touching your face more throughout the day.  We tend to shower after using it in case there are any tiny pieces left on your skin.  Warm water is the best method of removal for any tiny bits left over or for your fingers after applying mask.  Gelatin is sticky but worth the trouble.  We hope you enjoy your smooth skin!

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