Dream For Your Future

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img_20161104_131700 As you may know, Chicago is great for business women.  We are in a fast paced city that allows us the option to do what we love.  There is nothing better than learning from each other.  We all have experiences to share with each other.  From the good to the bad, the Womens Dream Conference is all about learning from each other.  We recently attended this event and wanted to share with you. 

How do you do business?  The choices are endless.  Do you commute to your office or is your commute like ours just to the kitchen? Both ways are equally valid as long as you get your schedule to work for you.  One of the themes is making time for yourself.  You wouldn’t show up late to a meeting with another person so why would you put off that meditation or shower? 

As someone that works from home I can attest to the difficulties of doing those normal routine
things like wearing makeup or pants with buttons. Yet, I have the freedom to take a day trip.  I can make a detour to this fabulous bakery because technically I’m working.  There is an upside to being in social media.  You are talking your work with you everywhere you go.  So, you can have adventures that you wouldn’t have in a normal office space. 

So, if you’re starting a new business or thinking about what you want out of your workplace, then you should consider all the options.  Will you be able to make it work for you? Or will you work for the business?  There’s a lot of businesswomen in Chicago and they have had their shares of ups and downs.  Honestly, there is no greater driving force than Andrea Metcalf who is the hostess.  She has the experience and the drive to make every aspect of her business successful.  If you are thinking of starting a new business or even just looking to manage your own business better, then the Womens Dream Conference is an event that should be on your radar.  You can find out more at their website. 

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