Cooking Pantry Vs. Food Pantry

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Yes, food bloggers have cooking pantries and food pantries. But let’s be honest, I’ve had a cooking pantry most of my life. You see, growing up there was always a huge kitchen. Add in that my dad’s side of the family makes industrial kitchen equipment = fully stocked kitchen. Even if my mom isn’t exactly the biggest cook.  

A couple of weeks ago, a food blogger friend of mine in the area was cleaning out her cooking pantry.  She posted on facebook wanting to know if anyone would like anything and lo and behold there was a sous vide in the list!!  A sous vide is something I’ve always wanted to try. Yet $300-500 seems a bit more extravagant than my espresso machine. I’ve always thought of a sous vide as somewhat of a novelty that would  be fun to have, but not for everyday cooking.

So now that being creative in the kitchen is basically my life I need a lot of supplies. This brings to mind the Little Mermaid song, Part of Your World, coming to my house you’d think I’ve got everything. There’s always a new gadget that I NEED!! Although, this is where I have to give a shout out to my idol, Alton Brown.  I don’t like unitaskers in my kitchen.  I prefer multitaskers because even though my whole house is overrun by the urge to cook I still don’t have room for it all. 

My cooking pantry actually takes up an entire farm table in my basement.  Not to forget  the multiple shelves, boxes and a huge closet in my dining room. Among these shelves are all the treasures I use not everyday, but some days. For example, in my pantry you’ll find a large assortment of plates and glasses for photography, multiple kinds of pans and every kind of frosting tip you can imagine. You’ll find platters, cake plates, extra mixers, coffee makers, a sous vide, and blenders galore.

Could I downsize? Probably a bit, but what if I need that mini tart pan to make the perfect cute mini cheesecake? Or maybe need to make paninis for half a dozen people at once? This is where I admit that I am far from Alton Brown.  I do have trouble rejecting those mini tart pans or specialty Wilton pans that make carousels or rabbits.  So, I confess to you that the unitaskers are kept outside my kitchen where they can’t taunt me for being a flawed chef.  I just can’t say no to all the recipes that I could create with all of my gadgets.  

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